Whitestone Financial Incorporated Greenfield, WI

        Installation of cabling for phone and data in offices and conference room.

        Installation of custom built PCs and server

        Provide data security through the use of a VPN and firewall

        Provide and implement data redundancy and data recovery plan through Redundant Data Storage

        Implement Terminal Sever for remote access

Contact: Dave Daylor (please contact PC-Connect for phone number)



Wikk Industries Greendale, WI

        Implemented a Citrix Server for a remote office environment.

        Installed a new File Server, which handles all Accounting, Faxing, Stock Levels, Shipping and Remote Access.

Contact: Lori Bedard (please contact PC-Connect for phone number)



Crest Cadillac Brookfield, WI

        Installed VPN to connect 3 Cadillac Auto Dealerships throughout Midwest.

        Monthly maintenance on LAN & WAN as well as pcs.

        Installed content filtering and automated antivirus filtering.

Contact: Wayne Balogh (please contact PC-Connect for phone number)



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